What Does Making Movies Have In Common With the Real Estate Business?

What Does Making Movies Have In Common With the Real Estate Business?

A lot when you hear Irwin Winkler speak.

Irwin Winkler is a legend in movie and film industry producing remarkable gems like Double Trouble, Rocky, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas. He has a very blessed and fascinating life. Listening to his story on a recent podcast was immensely enjoyable and a lot of his words…excuse me, sage wisdom really resonated with my personal experience. One thing that stood out was when the interviewer asked him what 50 years in his business taught him about life.

His statement was simple and profound. He said “You can have great success, you can have terrible failures…and both are the really the same. You just have to keep forging ahead. You can never let the success make you think you are better than anyone else or more successful than the next guy. And the same thing about your failures. You shouldn’t think that your failures can make you less of a person than the next person. You are who you are. You have to pursue your goals the way you have always pursued them through success and failure. And if you keep trying, you are going to have some failures…you’re also going to have some successes. When you give up, you have neither. And that itself is failure.”

The wisdom of those words is simple, timeless, and very applicable for me. When I wake up every day and I go out to my office and speak to a client that needs help financing their real estate project or talk to a broker about why his deal makes sense, I always remember that I have an amazing opportunity. And most importantly, it’s about never giving up on that opportunity…whether it’s my passionate client or that hard working broker or even my business. I hope you never give up either as you work and help your clients.

Have a fantastic day and give us a call if you need help closing a difficult real estate deal.

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